Welcome to the Retreat Farm
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The Retreat Farm, Brattleboro, Vermont

Welcome to the Retreat Farm.  For 180 years, the Farm has been a source of food and fuel, productive work, nature-inspired restoration, knowledge, recreation, and innovation.  The Farm is located in the heart of Brattleboro and Windham County, the principal gateway to the Green Mountain state for travelers from New England and metropolitan New York.

Visitors to the Retreat Farm in 2015 will find considerable activity and recreational opportunity:

The Grafton Village Cheese Company factory and shop

The Retreat Farm Family Barnyard program

The Retreat Trail System

The Food Corner - Food Trucks providing gourmet fare

The Retreat Meadows - year-round, public access to extensive water and habitat systems

This year is an exciting one for the Retreat Farm! We are very pleased to announce that visitors should expect some positive developments in the upcoming months. We hope to expand the trail network, revitalize the farmstead, and enhance this historic property’s role as a resource for community members and visitors. 

For more information, visit History of the Retreat Farm, and check back here for updates.


The Retreat Farm is conveniently located just outside of downtown Brattleboro at:

350 Linden Street
Route 30
Brattleboro, Vermont 05301
Phone: 802-257-2240